How to Use the Stepper

  1. First choose a good location. We recommend using the Stepper on a dry, even surface that’s not slippery. A nice, even grass lawn or carpeted floor work great! But avoid hills and uneven surfaces like gravel or mud.
  2. Uncoil the rope inside the Stepper then pull on the loop on top of the Stepper to pull the rope through until it catches at the knots inside the Stepper.
  3. If you need to shorten the rope, just tie a knot in it for the perfect length.
  4. Holding one loop in your right hand, and one loop in your left hand, carefully step onto the non-slip surface of the Stepper with the corresponding foot. So put your right foot in the Stepper that you right hand is holding and vice versa.
  5. Now it’s time to clomp around! Start with your right foot first. As you lift your foot up to take a step, pull the loop up with your right hand so the Stepper stays next to your foot and moves with it. Step down. Repeat the same thing with your left foot and you’re off!

Important Safety Information and Guidelines

Care and Storage of your Stepper