How to Use the Skipper

  1. Loop the end of the rope around the ankle of your dominant foot. Usually the foot you use to kick a ball is your dominant foot.
  2. Hold the ball in your hand and throw it with an arcing motion low to the ground so that it flies flat above the ground. This helps to get the ball going.
  3. It’s also possible to get it going using your foot. To do this, place the ball on the ground and move away from it until the rope is straight. You can even drag it a few inches to get set up. Now lift the foot that’s connected to ball a few inches off the ground and use your leg to swing the ball in a circle. It takes a little “oomph” to get it going sometimes!
  4. Now as the ball swings in a circle it’s going to hit your other leg unless you hop. So as the ball comes around to your other leg, jump up, pulling your knee up, so the ball flies under your foot!
  5. For building balance and agility, it’s a good idea to practice using the Skipper on both feet. That way your muscles stay even and you develop better coordination and agility on your non-dominant foot.

Important Safety Information

Care and Storage of your Skipper