How to Throw Your Lariat

Throwing a Lariat takes some practice. Here are step by step instructions to help you. But first, we’ll need to be using the same vocabulary.

The eye loop: the small loop at the end of the Lariat that the rope passes through
The throwing loop: the larger loop that you make to lasso around your target
The rope: the rest of the rope that’s not part of the throwing loop.
The bitter end: other end of the rope, the one without the eye loop.

  1. Pass the rope through the eye loop and make your throwing loop. When you lay the throwing loop on the ground, it should form a circle 2 to 3 feet in diameter.
  2. Now pick up the bitter end of the rope and pull it through your hands letting it drop into a neat pile on the floor until you get to throwing loop. This is called flaking your rope, and it gets out the kinks and twists.
  3. Now coil the rope. Pick up the rope with one hand and use the other hand to coil it by making even loops and laying each loop in the hand holding the coils. As you lay each coil into your palm, give the rope a half turn or twist so that the coils lie flat. If your coils twist up into something that looks like a figure eight, you didn’t twist it enough when coiling. This video is pretty good for showing how to get the coils right…just stop when you’re finished coiling.
    How to coil a rope:
  4. Now you’re ready to throw your Lariat! Pick up the throwing loop and hold it so that you’re holding two pieces of rope in your hand…the rope right next to the eye loop and the rope that goes to the coils.
  5. Hold the coils in your other hand so that the most recent coil is on the outside and will uncoil freely from your hand when you throw the throwing loop.
  6. Now stand facing your target. Swing your throwing loop over your head to get it to open up and as you throw, step forward with same foot as your throwing hand.
  7. You can also stand at an angle to your target, with your feet apart and the same foot as your throwing arm forward. E.g. If you throw with your right arm, your right foot should be forward.
  8. Hold the rope the same way as in the first method. Instead of whirling it around your head, simply position your hand in front of your body and with one graceful, continuous motion, swing your arm and the loop in the direction of the target.
  9. Regardless of which method you use, at the end of your throw, your arm should be toward your target. Never take your eyes off your target either!
  10. You can start as close as you want and as you get better with practice, move further and further away.

Important Safety Information

Care and Storage of your Lariat