How to Use a Double Dutch Jump Rope

  1. Double Jump Ropes are an amazing way to get a whole crowd of people involved, playing and having fun together. The 16-foot rope is designed to be long enough so that two or more people can jump at once, which doubles the fun. The possibilities for tricks are endless and can involve more than one Jump Rope, multiple people and all kinds of amazing acrobatics. We’ll give you the basics, and what you do from there is up to you!
  2. You need at least three people to use the Double Jump Rope, two people to swing it and one person to jump.
  3. Have the two people swinging the rope stand far enough apart so that when they swing the rope, it grazes the ground at the bottom of the swing.
  4. Swing the rope at an even speed.
  5. The person or people who are going to jump in stand on the side and watch the rope…timing is key on this one. Just after the rope passes over the ground and heads up to the top of the swing, the jumpers run in and stand in the middle, jumping over the rope as comes back to the ground.
  6. When you’re finished jumping, you just exit the same way, and someone else can jump in and take your place!

Important Safety Information

Care and Storage of your Jump Rope