About the Chinese Jump Rope

The Chinese Jump Rope is fun and versatile and is often used for cross training and in P.E. classes. The main difference between Chinese Jump Roping and standard Jump Roping is that in Chinese Jump Rope games, the rope is a long, stretchy rope that’s held stationary while the player or players move around the rope, performing a series of steps.

It’s great to play Chinese Jump Rope to music, performing the steps in time with the beat, and especially entertaining when two or more players jump together. One of the best things about Chinese Jump Rope is that while there are some specific patterns that you can practice, you can also make up your own moves and tricks.

How to Use the Chinese Jump Rope

You’ll need three players, two people to hold the rope and one to jump. The rope holders stand with their legs about a foot apart, and 5 or so feet away from each other with the jumprope around the outside of their legs at about ankle height. You want the rope taut, but still loose enough that it can stretch. The player starts by standing with both feet inside the two ropes.

Basic Chinese Jump Roping consists the following series of jumps or hops: IN, OUT, SIDE, SIDE, ON, IN OUT.

The rope holders and other players chant the steps while the player jumps.

For more advanced play you can raise the rope higher. You can also have a designated “chanter”, who chants a random series that the jumper must follow. Some steps also incorporate moves where you use your foot catch one of the ropes and loop it around the other rope. Check out the videos below for some fun variations!

If the jumper gets through the whole series of jumps without missing or landing in the wrong place, s/he moves up to the next level. When the jumper makes a mistake, another player gets a turn.

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